Boost the Effectiveness of Audit Programs

Auditing is a powerful tool for improving management systems and achieving sustainable results, but many organizations do not maximize the return on their audit program investments. Why? Because many audits fail to uncover information that management can use to achieve performance excellence.

Since 2005, organizations have relied on us for management systems and regulatory compliance auditing services. We have trained more than 1,500 auditors and helped dozens of organizations attain certification to ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 45001, Responsible Care© and related management standards and achieve compliance to EPA, OSHA, DHS and DOT regulations.

  • 100% first time certification success for all clients globally
  • Improvements of 90% to 98% in first pass quality, which positively impacted clients’ bottom line
  • Fewer accidents, reduced liability, and lower insurance costs
  • More efficient use of energy and resources and better environmental performance overall
  • More than 5,000 internal auditors, managers, and EHS specialists trained
  • Over 750 internal and external audits conducted by ROC One’s certified Lead Auditors
Management System Audits  (1st Party Audits)

Many organizations conduct regular internal audits to meet the requirements of management system standards, including ISO 14001, ISO 45001, Responsible Care©, the ISO 9000 series and the FDA cGMPs. Effective internal audits require a significant investment of time, competence and effort; but help is available.

ROC One offers internal audit services that go beyond the basics to give you higher-level management advice for improving your management system and business processes. You can outsource some, or all, of your internal audits. ROC One can provide a complete review of your management system, or we can focus on specific areas. We can even help you manage your internal audit program.

Get just the amount of audit help you need. Using a flexible and cost-effective approach, our certified Lead Auditors have served organizations of all sizes, from Fortune 100 companies to firms with fewer than 30 employees.

Supplier Audits (2nd Party Audits)

ROC One uses its experience in certification programs, which meet or exceed international accreditation requirements and the rigid standards of the industry, to work with your organization, understand your needs, and develop and implement a qualification and development program that achieves your organization’s goals.

Our auditors possess extensive work experience in industries as well as in audits of management systems. ROC One uses this experience to assess your suppliers’ capabilities to meet your requirements and analyze the ability of their systems to meet your goals.

Our approach of focusing simultaneously on business value and on conformance to requirements allows us to provide your organization with an accurate assessment of your suppliers’ capabilities to meet your requirements, identify areas where suppliers need to take action to meet your requirements, and analyze ways suppliers can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their operations.

Regulatory Compliance Audits

ROC One has been conducting environmental, health and safety (EH&S) audits for over 10 years for all types of facilities. Our clients value and trust the findings from the EH&S compliance audits, to comprehensively evaluate the current regulatory compliance of the facility with permits federal, state and local regulations Corporate and Facility Procedures and Policies and Best Management Practices.

In the past, ROC One has worked successfully with internal and external legal councils to help determine specific compliance issues. For example, ROC One performed a full TSCA audit at the corporate and facility level to help the client evaluate it’s compliance strategy and legal options. The audit results provided the corporate council and senior management with the necessary information to provide the federal authorities with an effective compliance approach.

Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA)

The objective of conducting a SVA is to identify security hazards, threats, and vulnerabilities facing an organization, and to evaluate the countermeasures to provide for the protection of the public, workers, national interests, the environment, and the company. With this information security risks can be assessed and strategies can be formed to reduce vulnerabilities as required. SVA is a tool to assist management in making decisions on the need for countermeasures to address the threats and vulnerabilities.

ROC One provides SVAs at the site and corporate level including IT Security. ROC One security experts have worked in the US, Europe and the Middle East conducting various types of SVAs. Read more about our Security Services here…

A Security Vulnerability Assessment is essential part of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) Security Code and as such a requirement for all ACC member organizations. In addition, as part of any Responsible Care© management system (RC14001© as well as RCMS©) an SVA needs to be performed to ensure that the necessary security related compliance evaluation is performed before any certification audit can occur. At the site and corporate level, the SVA is an important input into the management review in order to provide management with a clear understanding of the status of the security impact of the Responsible Care management system(s) in order to ensure its overall continued suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.

Why use an outside auditor for an in-house audit?

Objective Assessments

External auditors offer a fresh, independent view of your system and processes. And external auditors can supplement your in-house team when you don’t have auditors independent of an area to be audited. Our auditor have an average of 25+ years of international and domestic auditing experience across all industries.

Specialized Expertise

Our auditor pool is large and highly qualified. Our auditors are certified Lead Auditors, trained to the highest standard and are consistent in their approach to preparation, conduct, reporting, and follow-up. All of our auditors also work as sub-contractors to registrars, providing you with the additional certification perspective.

Value-Added Audit Findings

Our auditors provide an in-depth assessment of your management system, identifying strengths and weaknesses. If our auditors find non-conformances, we can help you implement effective corrective / preventive actions. Since we are a global firm, our auditors share best practices gathered from around the world.
Auditor Training

Learn more about our other audit-related services.

Auditor Training

Why Choose Us

      • ROC One experts have an average of 25+ years of international and domestic auditing experience across all industries.

      • Our auditors participate in the committees that develop standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and RC14001©.

      • As leaders in operational excellence, our auditors look beyond compliance to advise our clients on using their management systems to enhance quality, efficiency, and profitability.

      • ROC One has served clients in over 10 countries. We have significant experience managing multinational assignments and know the cultural and logistical requirements for a successful global project.

      • We are committed to delivering outstanding work that meets – and even exceeds – client expectations.

Client Testimonials

It is my belief that ROC One’s internal audit was the key factor in setting us up for a successful certification audit. After addressing the non-conformances and OFIs that ROC One pointed out, we were in good shape for certification. Also, the EHS&S staff and plant personnel were better prepared and more confident when answering questions and offering evidence during the certification audit.
Tom Nasife , Ferro
ROC One has been a key resource in helping us improve performance through the implementation of effective management systems. Their expertise and broad industry experience has proven invaluable to our efforts. But it is their passion for the subject matter and their ability to trigger enthusiasm in the people they are working with that sets them apart and truly builds value for our company.
M. McNally, OM Group
ROC One provided customized solutions for our needs and had a major impact on the effective implementation of our Responsible Care management system. Impressive are their auditing and training skills, including a great mixture of theory and practice. Beyond a consultant, ROC One is our business partner.
Wolfgang Ey, EMD Millipore