Our strategies drive continual improvements in any organization’s performance Beyond Certification. This includes financial performance as well as compliance, quality, security, and sustainability. We help you to create a more resilient organization that safely achieves better results and is better prepared for future challenges.

Management Systems
Sustainability – Climate Change – Water Scarcity
Security – Information Security
Risk Management – Process Safety
Regulatory Compliance – Due Diligence
Supply Chain Management – Transportation

Management Systems

Ensure the use of existing processes and their seamless integration in the system structure to meet all applicable requirements. Go beyond certification and establish value-added systems with high return on investment. Our services include Environmental, Health, Safety, Energy, Security, Quality related management systems following ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001, ISO 28000, ISO 9001, Responsible Care® and other related Standards and Guidelines.

ROC One clients value the cost savings, improved efficiency and simplicity approach that our consultants deliver through sustainable solutions in management systems.

ISO 14001

Environmental Management System

RC14001 / RCMS

Chemical Industry

ISO 9001

Quality Management System

ISO 28000

Security in Supply Chain

ISO 45001 / OHSAS

Health & Safety

ISO 50001

Energy Management System

ISO 22000

Food Safety

ISO 27001

Information Security

ISO 22301

Business Continuity

Integrated Management System

E&HS, E&HS&Q, & other combinations…

ISO 14001

ISO 14001:2015 specifies requirements for an organization to develop and implement an effective environmental management system providing improved environmental performance and cost savings.

ROC One is actively participating in the development and revision process of the ISO 14000 Series of Standards as a member to the US Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to the ISO Technical Committee (TC) 207.

As such we were intimately involved with the revision of ISO 14001:2015. This in depth understanding and knowledge of the revised requirements is helping our clients to better understand and apply the necessary changes to their Environmental Management Systems (EMS).

Our ISO 14001 related support services include:

  • Performing a gap analysis between existing environmental programs and the ISO 14001:2015 requirements
  • Developing and implementing effective Environmental Management Systems meeting the requirements of ISO 14001:2015
  • Coaching clients on how to achieve real, measurable value from an EMS
  • Training management, employees and internal auditors
  • Documenting ISO 14001 conformity in a simple and straightforward way
  • Perform internal ISO 14001 audits
  • Support organizations through the ISO 14001 certification process including participation in certification audits and assisting in addressing identified non-conformances
  • Additional services based on specific client and project needs

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Sustainability – Climate Change – Water Scarcity

ROC One guides organizations toward excellence by integrating sustainability into their operating models, business strategies and critical processes. Our holistic approach – which encompasses strategy development, program design and execution, and long-term sustainability management – enables clients in all industries to grow revenue, reduce costs, manage risks and enhance their brand and reputation.

The service areas below give examples about how ROC One helps businesses and public service organizations achieve excellence through sustainability.

  • Strategic Sustainability and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Management
    • ROC One can assist clients in developing comprehensive Sustainability and GHG management strategic plans. This may include facilitating workshops to identify organizational business objectives and how to integrate them into the management plan.
  • Management Systems Integration
    • ROC One has extensive experience working with clients to integrate GHG management programs into management systems and operational excellence programs such as Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma.
  • Emission Inventories
    • ROC One has the expertise to help develop credible, verifiable GHG inventories. Elements of a typical inventory development program include establishing boundaries and quantification methods, development and deployment of an information management system, development of an inventory management plan, inventory construction, and data management.
  • Emission Reductions Verification
    • ROC One can assist clients in evaluating the quality and quantify of emission reductions resulting from a wide variety of offset projects. Whether holding credits against a future regulatory program, selling credits to realize current value, or achieving reductions to support corporate sustainability goals, ROC One provides objective quantification and 3rd party verification of emission reductions.
  • Sustainable Building & Development
    • ROC One together with its partners identifies distinct, achievable design opportunities that enhance the performance of buildings and developments and reduce environmental footprints while increasing market values. Our project teams include architects, designers, and engineers who specialize in developing project-specific solutions for effective building design, construction and operational practices.

Additional Information:

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  • ROC One Sustainability Blog
  • Case Studies
  • Publications

Regulatory Compliance – Due Diligence

ROC One works closely with clients to offer support with the identification and management of environmental, health, safety and security compliance issues. We can also provide training for your staff to help them maintain an awareness of the ongoing management needs with regulatory compliance demands. Our experts and auditors are actively involved with US EPA, OSHA, DOT and other regulatory agencies on federal and state level to support and advice our clients.

Our service portfolio includes:

  • EHS&S regulatory reviews
  • Regulatory audits
  • Litigation support
  • Transaction services, incl. Phase 1 & 2 assessments
  • Additional services based on specific client and project needs

Additional Information:

  • Auditing
  • Case Studies

Security & Information Security

Data breaches, ransomware, reputation loss, and regulatory challenges are all too common an occurrence these days.  This is part of the reality of doing business as a modern, information-based organization where information is among the most valuable of organizational assets.  It is no surprise, therefore, that executive boards and public sector management teams are no longer assigning IT and data risk management just to the CIO or CISO, but to the CEO.  The global threat environment of today demands that business be able to manage cybersecurity risk as a business risk in order to effectively leverage data / information capabilities for the organization.

According to Gartner Group – 43% of companies were immediately put out of business by a “major loss” of computer records, and another 51 percent permanently closed their doors within two years.  That is less than a 10% survival rate beyond a few years.  Understanding how your organization mitigates, manages, and responds to cyber threats, as well as how it can recover from an event, may likely determine its survivability.  These subjects are key to maintaining your organization’s reputation and enabling your business to achieve success in the increasing interconnected global market.  A holistic security assessment engagement is the first step in determining your needs and gaps.

Whether the goal is to initiate a cybersecurity program or seek to gain additional assurance by closing gaps to reduce risk, we can help.  ROC One has multiple security assessment engagements to aid you on the way.  Security assessments which both encompass the organization’s physical and cyber measures will provide a deeper and more complete posture review, allowing your organization to close gaps in a risk-conscious and more cost-effective way.  From basic security assessments to CFATS or Critical Infrastructure Framework based assessments, our capability will assist your organization with a systematic and repeatable approach for assessing the security posture of people, processes, technology, and your critical data sets.  Our methodology will guide organizations through a structured review process to assess existing practices against a variety of industry standards or compliance regimes. The output of the assessment will include a prioritized list of recommendations for improving the cybersecurity posture of the organization and be integrated with your company’s management systems and strategic direction.

Additional Information:

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Risk Management – Process Safety

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Supply Chain Management & Transportation

Sustainability can be maximized throughout the supply chain, beginning with concept and development then continuing through all phases of production and final customer distribution.

ROC One can help you build an effective supply chain to raise the bar on customer service, align enterprises and open new channels. We’ve developed strategies for a greener and more secure supply chain with various clients. We also assist organizations in their Business Continuity Management (BCM) relating to the security hazards in global supply chains.

Clients value our sustainable solutions across all modes of transport. We can support your decision-making processes by providing insightful information on transport emissions; cost analysis of new technologies and fuels; modeling of future transport trends; and identifying likely social, economic and environmental impacts. Our services include:

  • Transportation Risk Assessment
  • Business Continuity Models
  • DOT regulatory support and DOT audits
  • Transportation Security Assessments
  • Additional services based on specific client and project needs

Additional Information:

  • Auditing
  • Case Studies
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