ROC One Institute helps companies improve critical workforce performance in environmental, health, safety and security (EHS&S); supply chain and procurement; quality; sustainability; process excellence; and other key areas.

ROC One Institute’s training programs have achieved international and industry recognition for world-class training design and delivery, and have demonstrated the ability to remain at the forefront of excellence in training and examination practices. More than 5,000 client employees from over 20 countries have used the Institute’s programs to improve their skills and performance.

Our training programs and workshops are based on our commitment to excellence by thinking outside the box and remain innovative in our approach to how training is designed, knowledge is transferred and competency is examined.


Value-Driven Curriculum

Comprehensive offering of practical workshops and client-focused training courses.
We align our courses and content to current business issues and solutions.

Validated Content

Developed by leading academics and industry specialists.
We leverage our unique experience in helping design industry-leading certifications.

Timely and Up-to-Date

Continuously updated course curriculum, with regular release of new content.
We provide online progress reports from client support teams.

Why Choose Us

      • For over a decade, ROC One has helped companies around the world obtain management system certification.

      • Our clients represent a broad array of industries and industry sectors, with facilities ranging from a 30-person machine shop to a 30,000-person manufacturing plant.

      • Over the years, we have continually invested in our analytical skills as management system, EHS and sustainability specialists with diverse industry backgrounds and multinational experience.

      • The vast experience that we have amassed at ROC One is a key advantage in our ability to deliver thoughtful, practical solutions.

      • We are committed to delivering outstanding work that meets – and even exceeds – client expectations.

Client Testimonials

ROC One employees are very well versed in the application and implementation of various management systems and are second to no one in their knowledge of the various associated standards. Their vast knowledge combined with their auditing experience is a great combination that adds value to any business.
K. Riley , Ashland
ROC One has been a key resource in helping us improve performance through the implementation of effective management systems. Their expertise and broad industry experience has proven invaluable to our efforts. But it is their passion for the subject matter and their ability to trigger enthusiasm in the people they are working with that sets them apart and truly builds value for our company.
M. McNally, OM Group
ROC One has supported Evonik Degussa on several engagements to advance our strategic thinking and program implementation across a range of topics including environmental, health, safety and security management. They have brought a uniquely talented team of professionals to each project and consistently demonstrated the knowledge and flexibility to support our bottom line performance.
A. Morris, Evonik Degussa