For over 30 years, Responsible Care® (RC) has been helping leading chemical companies significantly enhance their performance, discover new business opportunities and improve employee safety, the health of the communities in which they operate and the environment as a whole. Today, new changes to the RC Management System Technical Specifications and the addition of the RC Codes for Product and Process Safety provide another unique opportunity for substantial performance improvements from an economic, social and environmental, health, safety, and security (EHSS) perspective.

Leveraging extensive project management experience and deep industry insights, ROC One helps chemical companies successfully implement RC management systems for the safe, responsible and sustainable management of chemical products through their life cycles and for their intended users.

  • 100% first time certification success for all clients globally
  • Improvements of 90% to 98% in first pass quality, which positively impacted clients’ bottom line
  • Fewer accidents, reduced liability, and lower insurance costs
  • More efficient use of energy and resources and better environmental performance overall
  • More than 5,000 internal auditors, managers, and EHS specialists trained
  • Over 750 internal and external audits conducted by ROC One’s certified Lead Auditors
  • More than 1,500 employees and managers of a global chemical company trained on integrating RC14001 requirements effectively with their existing EHSS management system
  • First quadruple management system certification for a client in the Middle East (ISO 9001, RC14001®, ISO 14001, ISO 45001)
ROC One was the first training organization to offer RC14001® Lead Auditor Training based entirely on the new 2013 Responsible Care® (RC) requirements. To learn more, please email or call (917) 818-1644‬.

  • Perform a results-driven Gap Assessment
  • Establish a clear and consistent implementation plan
  • Train the implementation team
  • Perform a results-driven Risk Assessment for the Aspect/Impact (Hazard/Risk) Analysis
  • Provide RC Management System design and implementation support
  • Establish relevant procedures for Product Stewardship and Process Safety

  • Coordinate effective management systems implementation and integration
  • Provide specialized and general RC14001®/RCMS® awareness training for every level in the client organization, from the C-level to the plant-based contractor
  • Conduct intensive auditor training workshops, providing certified Lead Auditor and non-certified Internal Auditor training as needed

  • Conduct management systems assessments and compliance audits
  • Perform a strong value-added Security Vulnerability Assessment
  • Perform a strong value-added internal audit
  • Identify the specific tasks needed to gain maximum effectiveness and meet certification requirements

  • Facilitate the RC14001®/RCMS® management review
  • Conduct “train-the trainer” workshops
  • Provide RC14001®/RCMS® certification support
  • Assist in implementing corrective and preventative actions, based on a root-cause analysis

Unique Approach

We customize our service offering(s) to meet your specialized needs, providing you with custom-tailored results.
No project is too small!

Continuous Support

We believe in providing support through all stages of management system implementation, certification, and maintenance.
We’ll be there with you every step of the way.

Cost-effective Solutions

We'll help you cost-effectively achieve certification with a world class management system.
Our rates are competitive.

Proven Results

All of our clients have achieved management system certification in their first attempt, with almost no non-conformances.
Join our hundreds of satisfied clients!

Why Choose Us

      • For over a decade, ROC One has helped companies around the world obtain management system certification.

      • Our clients represent a broad array of industries and industry sectors, with facilities ranging from a 30-person machine shop to a 30,000-person manufacturing plant.

      • Over the years, we have continually invested in our analytical skills as management system, EHS and sustainability specialists with diverse industry backgrounds and multinational experience.

      • The vast experience that we have amassed at ROC One is a key advantage in our ability to deliver thoughtful, practical solutions.

      • We are committed to delivering outstanding work that meets – and even exceeds – client expectations.

Client Testimonials

It is my belief that ROC One’s internal audit was the key factor in setting us up for a successful certification audit. After addressing the non-conformances and OFIs that ROC One pointed out, we were in good shape for certification. Also, the EHS&S staff and plant personnel were better prepared and more confident when answering questions and offering evidence during the certification audit.
Tom Nasife , Ferro
ROC One has been a key resource in helping us improve performance through the implementation of effective management systems. Their expertise and broad industry experience has proven invaluable to our efforts. But it is their passion for the subject matter and their ability to trigger enthusiasm in the people they are working with that sets them apart and truly builds value for our company.
M. McNally, OM Group
ROC One provided customized solutions for our needs and had a major impact on the effective implementation of our Responsible Care management system. Impressive are their auditing and training skills, including a great mixture of theory and practice. Beyond a consultant, ROC One is our business partner.
Wolfgang Ey, EMD Millipore